The Company's Corporate Social Responsibility

    The Company's Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives TBGI contributes to national development by providing services in: Information & Communication Technology Applications to benefit rural communities for the delivery of:
    (1.)Education & Health Care Service applications.
    (2.)Disaster Preparedness & Resource Management applications for government agencies and municipalities.
    (3.)E-commerce applications.


    Transpacific Broadband Group, Inc. (TBGI) believes in giving back to society to create a better tomorrow. As such, TBGI makes Information Technology easily accessible to the poor because we believe that digital media when used right are the best teachers. We partnered with CBCP World for nationwide Internet connectivity of Catholic Schools to ensure that all content passing through its virtual gateway are safeguarded from acts of violence and pornography. We subsidize the costs of bandwidth and hardware to enable every student to have access to the World Wide Web.