The Company's Risk Management System

    TBGI can be considered as a technology company, a participant of an industry vulnerable to the major risk of obsolescence. However, TBGI retains its financial resiliency in the face of fast obsolescence by focusing its corporate business development in applications or software rather than irreversible capital investments. TBGI acquisition of license to distribute the WebEOC middleware for emergency/crisis management in the Philippines is in line with the applications focus. While there are many suppliers of satellite bandwidth, TBGI is contracted to only one supplier because TBGI bandwidth requirement is not significant vis-à-vis total available bandwidth supply. As such, TBGI dependence on one supplier at any time is not considered a risk. TBGI is likewise not subject to single customer risk given that TBGI is serving more than a hundred customers comprising mostly schools that are financially independent.

    The company’s risk management policy are as follows:

    The Company’s Risk Assessment Control System Set Up are as follows: