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[pdf] 2012-10-10 Report on compliance with SEC Memorandum re- guidelines for the assessment of the performance of Audit Committees.pdf234.7 KB
[pdf] 2012-10-13 Certifications on qualifications of independent directors.pdf288.2 KB
[pdf] 2012-11-15 Results of Annual Stockholders' Meeting and Organizational Meeting of Board of Directors.pdf34.7 KB
[pdf] 2012-12-28 Certification on compliance with Manual on Corporate Governance.pdf680.0 KB
[pdf] 2013-01-05 Certification on attendance of members of Board of Directors for year 2012.pdf1.7 MB
[pdf] 2013-01-05 Compliance Report on Corporate Governance for year 2012.pdf8.5 MB
[pdf] 2013-09-12 Results of Annual Stockholders' Meeting and Organizational Meeting of Board of Directors.pdf420.5 KB
[pdf] 2014-04-03 Postponement of Annual Stockholders' Meeting.pdf150.4 KB
[pdf] 2014-12-12 TBGI Directors Attendance In Corporate Governance Seminar.pdf5.0 MB
[pdf] 2015-01-07 Secretary Certificate for ACGR (received).pdf2.1 MB
[pdf] 2015-03-04 TBGI PSE Disclosure.pdf361.5 KB
[pdf] 2015-04-08 Postponement of Annual Stockholders' Meeting.pdf123.3 KB
[pdf] 2015-08-28 Notice of Annual or Special Stockholders' Meeting.pdf128.9 KB
[pdf] 2015-12-14 Certificate of attendance on board meetings (notarized)(Dec. 10, 2015).pdf2.9 MB
[pdf] 2016-04-19 Annual Corporate Governance Report for year 2015.pdf1.9 MB
[pdf] 2016-04-19 Annual report pursuant to section 17 (for the year ended 2015).pdf2.0 MB
[pdf] 2017-05-09 Postponement of Annual Stockholders' Meeting.pdf133.8 KB
[pdf] 2017-09-08 Change in Par Value.pdf177.3 KB
[pdf] 2017-09-08 Amendments to Article of Incorporation.pdf177.3 KB
[pdf] 2017-10-05 Change in Par Value.pdf144.5 KB
[pdf] 2018-01-23 Change in Par Value.pdf292.1 KB
[pdf] 2018-01-23 Amendments to Article of Incorporation.pdf2.9 MB
[pdf] 2018-01-31 Reply to Inquiry of Unusual price.pdf239.7 KB
[pdf] 2018-04-10 Request for extension to file SEC Form 17-A.pdf132.3 KB
[pdf] 2018-05-24 Postponement of Annual Stockholders' Meeting.pdf135.8 KB
[pdf] Material Information Transactions.pdf135.0 KB
[pdf] TBGI SEC Form 17-C 3rd Telco 071218.pdf116.2 KB
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