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TBGI operates under a Congressional Franchise under Republic Act 8657 granted by the 13TH congress of the Repubilc of Philippines a franchise to construct, establish, install, maintain and operate for commercial purposes and in the public interest, communications systems for the reception and/or transmission of messages, such as but not limited to voice, audio, data, facsimile, video and such other intelligence by radio, wire, satellite and other means now known to science or which in the future may be developed, and in connection therewith, render communications services between any point within the territorial boundaries of the Philippines. including but not limited to, the service of up-linking the abovementioned messages from any point within the Philippines to a communications satellite in orbit in outer space, and the service of down-linking such messages from twelve (12) such satellites and transmission of such messages to any point within the Philippines. TBGI generates revenues mainly from Internet, Intranet, and local loop services subscriptions of schools, corporate private sector and government agencies


(1) Data services to subscriber schools (at present the Company only provides services to schools) for Internet connectivity and virtual private network connectivity.

(2) Video uplink services to local and foreign TV channels.


Data and video services were delivered from TBGI earth station in Clark, Pampanga transmitted via Mabuhay satellite to receiving equipment units of clients. The Company provided TV uplink service local Channels 4, 9, and 13, and international cable television program providers including an Egyptian channel and a Korea-based TV shopping network. The company is currently developing the market for disaster management services using the Web EOC software, following the distributorship agreement with its owner developer ESI Acquisition, Inc. of Augusta Georgia. Satellite communications is an ideal medium for disaster management. For the delivery of its services. 

TBGI owns and operates satellite facilities having separate buildings for transmitter and power generators at the 1.1-hectare area of former US Air Force Satellite Communication facility in CSEZ in Pampanga. TBGI’s integral facility, the Clark Development Corp. (CDC) Broadcast Operations Center, houses 20 studios for media production and post-production services inside 277 square meter area of industrial-grade raised flooring, with an enclosed soundproof broadcast studio. TBGI connection to the Internet features the Asia Broadcasting Satellite 5 space segment, and UUNet fiber optic line to complete the link. As back-up connectivity, a fiber optic line is terminated at TBGI data hub.


1751 Chico Street
Clark Special Economic Zone
Clarkfield, Pampanga 




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